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Anna Braden's Bio

Anna Braden has been an artist all of her life, but she is evolving her artistic talent over the last 10 years. She was born and raised in Huntsville and attended both the University of Alabama and Ole Miss.

In the past several years, Anna has excelled in her outsider art, even though she works 50 to 60 hours a week at her “day job.”

She has found time to produce over 750 acrylic medium paintings on all types of surfaces to include canvas, metal buckets, plywood, glass, and paper…just to name a few.

In 2002, Anna was awarded the contract to design, develop, and create the City of Huntsville’s new folk art t-shirt design, which was unveiled by Huntsville’s Mayor Loretta Spencer that May of that year.

In December 2006, she created a wonderful “Noah’s Ark” painting for world-famous race car driver, Alex Gurney– son of racing legend Dan Gurney.

In the fall 2007, Anna designed the artwork for a wine label for Château Ross winery and vineyard in Springfield, TN.

In April of 2008, Anna was selected to create the poster are for the 2008 Panoply Festival of the Arts.

In the winter of 2009, Anna created the Parisian-inspired painting for the 20th anniversary charity Dog Ball in Huntsville.

Anna’s next goal is to apply her art to children’s book illustrations to gain a wider audience for her work.

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